Customer Subscription Functionality

Customer Subscription Functionality

If you wish to monitor a specific customer you are able to do so by selecting the subscribe option in the customer record.

This option would be recommended when you would like to monitor any actions being completed on a specific customer record for example a high valued priority customer.

To subscribe simply click on the subscribe option on the top right of the customer record as detailed below.

By making this selection you will receive a daily digest email at the end of every day with the following information:-

  1. New Appointments
  2. New Phone Calls
  3. New Feedback
  4. Won Deals
  5. Case Created
  6. Cases Closed
  7. Case Ratings
  8. Natter
  9. Quote Status Updated
  10. Opportunity Lost
  11. Opportunity Won
  12. Opportunity Created
  13. Searches
  14. Sales Order Authorised
  15. Sales Order Declined
  16. Sales Order Approval Request
  17. Custom Report Requested
  18. Stack Export Requested

Author: Natalie Dryburgh