How to apply a filter in grid mode to avoid the need to reapply a filter every time

Choose the relevant module from the top menu (presales, sales etc)

When you have found the work stack you'd like to filter on, select 'Grid' or the title of the work stack.

If you select browser mode, you will be able to view the information you require by working through each lead record.  You can then use the arrows on the right to navigate through each record.



If you are trying to apply a filter to the record set, there are a few options which could work for you.  If you are going to use this filter regularly, we'd recommend that you set up your own work stack with the relevant parameters.

If you are looking to apply a filter via the grids, using the filter icon, Select your criteria from the relevant options.  To return the most relevant criteria, we recommend using 'contains' or 'doesn't contain' when applying a filter. 

In this example, we have filtered by hardware.