GDPR configuration set up with Landing Pages and Email Templates

GDPR configuration

The GDPR email and landing page on your system are set automatically to our default options, however you also have an ability to customise them which will be discussed in this article.

Please follow our KBA here to see all methods of requesting GDPR contact preferences. 

Landing Page

You can configure your GDPR landing pages for the customers and leads within the Layer to be personalised to your company's details. You may even wish to include different text and opt-in preferences for leads that are different for your customers, you can do this via customisation of the landing pages. 

To access the landing page customisation go to Settings -> GDPR Landing Templates.

You will be presented with the below screen.

Customise each page to your desired view. This is best done via the HTML which is stored under the "</>" button. 

The parameters listed below will add the equivalent check boxes to the page and you can customise the accompanying text. 

Parameters in customer landing page: {can_email}, {can_phone}, {can_sms}, {can_email_marketing}, {can_phone_marketing}, {can_sms_marketing}, {submit_button} 

Parameters in lead landing page: {can_email_marketing}, {can_phone_marketing}, {can_sms_marketing}, {submit_button} 

N.B. Never match a tick box parameter with an inaccurate description (e.g. {can_email} cannot be matched with the description Opt-in for Calls) as the parameter will only ever update the field it was designed for.

Testing the Landing Page

Once you are happy with the design of your landing pages, you can test them from customer and lead records. Find a test contact (or create a test contact) in the record and click on the icon under GDPR 'Link'.

When you click on the link you will be presented with your custom landing page.

N.B. Make sure you test both pages (Lead and Customer).

GDPR Email Templates

Now that we have completed the landing pages, we need to create an email template for each record type (Lead and Customer). 

The Parameters: $$company$$, $$first$$, $$gdpr_link$$ are the same for lead and customer email templates. 

Follow our KBA here to create a new email template using the above parameters. 

Map your emails

This step is very important to make sure that a correct email is sent out. If you skip this step the default email template will be sent to customer and lead contacts when requested.

To map your GDPR email templates go to Settings -> Mail Templates - Company (under Mail & SMS section).


Then scroll down to find the templates for GDPR Request for Customer and GDPR Request for Lead Contacts. 

Select your previously created email template from the drop down list and save.

Testing your GDPR Email Templates

You can test your email templates to make sure that your GDPR link takes you to the correct landing page and that the contacts will receive the correct email template. 

From your test contact click on the request button. 

This will send an email to the contact's email address. 

Now your set up is complete. 

Author: Michaela Gormanova