How to add Product Highlights to a Product or Service - Key Benefits or Features

In the Layer it is possible to add to any product or service specific features or highlights into quotations that are created within the Layer.

The benefit of this is that you can highlight anything that is of value to a quotation, typical examples include:

  • Account Manager
  • Bespoke Tariff
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Divert
  • Customer Support
  • Free Voicemail
  • Sharer Minutes 
  • Sharer Texts
  • Hunt Groups

Users will note that some of the above options are generic and would apply to an order overall as a value added service such as Account Manager and some of them are not such as Free Voicemail which typically would belong to a tariff service. To help save time rather than having to repeatedly add tariff details to quotations, Product Highlights can instead be added to a service or product line item, also ensuring that none of the highlights are forgotten. 

We will now demonstrate how to do this in the price books by following these simple steps:

1. Log into the Layer

2. Select  from the top right-hand of your screen

3. Identify the price book you want to open under Inventory Management, in our example we are going to add Voicemail and sharer minutes as highlights to one of our mobile tariffs so we will select Mobile under Services:


N.B. The same steps are followed in instances whereby you are adding a highlight to a product and not a service. 

4. This will open the the mobile services price book for us, from here we need to locate the tariff that we want to add the Product Highlight to, we can do this by filtering on the Service Name e.g. EE LB Share 10000

5. Once you have identified the line item that you wish to add your Product Highlight to simply click on it, this will direct you to Edit Product page, from here open the tab titled Product Highlights

6. From here you can add your product highlight by selecting

7. Fill in the following:

  • Feature: The name of the feature that is applicable to the line item e.g. Free Voicemail, 10000 Sharer Minutes 
  • Description: A brief description of the item if applicable can be added which will put through to your quotation template 
  • Sort: If you are adding multiple highlights the you can arrange the order they appear in here

8. Once you have added these in simply press

9. Repeat as necessary if you have have multiple highlights to add.

10. Once you have finished press  

Ensuring the correct Parameter is used in your output template

Now that you have added your product highlights you will need to ensure that the correct parameter has been used on your output template in the Layer for your quotation. 

The parameters are as follows: 

  • Products: {quotation_product_list}
  • Services:  {quotation_service_list} 

N.B. Without these parameters added to your quotation output template html code the product highlights will not be displayed. Please speak to your system administrator if you require these parameters to be added. 

Once these parameters have been added to the appropriate output template you will be able to test the product highlights, in the image below users will note that we have created a quotation with the following highlights: 

  • Product: Apple iPhone 6s
    • Highlights: 12 Months warranty & 3 months free insurance
  • Service: EE LB Share 1000
    • Highlights: Free Voicemail & 10000 Sharer Minutes

The product highlights were added following the same steps for services but rather than searching for our tariff we searched for our product. 

Author: Natasha Cox