How to amend and set up your widgets on the dashboard.

How to amend and set up your widgets on the dashboard.

Certain groups of user will have access to different widgets. i.e. Sales users may have access to widgets designed for the sales team.  Sales managers on the other hand may have widgets designed for sales managers. Your dashboard will be defaulted to the one most relevant to your role. You can amend and edit that by following the below steps.

Step One

Select widgets

You will then be presented with the following window with widgets accessible to you.

From above you can see a preview of the widget, widget name and who is the widget best for to help you make your selection. 

Step two

From the list of widgets choose the one you would like to have on your dashboard. For example ‘My cases by status’

Next to the widget name you will see following

Tick the box to the left of the widget name for this to show on your dashboard.

Step Three

Choose the location of the widget on your dashboard from the scroll down options ‘left’ or ‘right’.

Select ‘Full’ to have the widget positioned across the whole width of the page. If you have already have widgets both on the right and the left, by selecting Full, this will supersede the left and right option and automatically place this selection at the top of your dashboard. 

If you select ‘not specified’ the widget will be placed at any position on your dashboard. 

Step Four

Type a number in which order you want your widget to appear. For example 3 would mean the widget will show 3rd from the top. If however, you have few other widgets already set up with order number 0,1 and 2 the system will automatically push your widget below these. Therefore your selected widget will show as 4th on the list.  

You can also use a negative value which will overwrite positive figures and push your selected widget to the top of the page. For example -1 would push your widget to the top and therefore this would show as your 1st widget.

Step Five

You can select and set up more than 1 widget at this point.

Once you are happy with the selection click save.

You will be presented with your new dashboard view. 

Step Six

Save your dashboard by clicking on the following

You will now be presented with this window 

Amend the name to something memorable for example your name and widget group. And click save. 

Please note your aside widgets should only be amended by your Layer administrator. 

To view other available dashboards follow below steps 

Click on the arrow next to your company name

Click on the widgets. 

Choose Dashboard you wish to view

You can amend this dashboard and save it as your own again, which will be available for you on the drop down list of all dashboard. 

Author: Natalie Dryburgh