How to book in stock to The Layer

How to book in stock to The Layer

In this article we will take you step by step through how to book in stock to The Layer. 

Firstly I would like to highlight that there are two ways in which you can book stock in.

  • Manually entering the details
  • Using a scanner to do so.

Step 1 – getting started with booking in the stock

Firstly select the stock module at the top of the screen.

N.B. This is permissions based if you do not have the module available you will need to contact your Layer administrator.

Now select ‘Stock Movements’ at the left of your screen.

You will now be presented with the option to create a new session or view/edit and existing session, in our example we are going to select a new session, however,

if for example you had started a booking in stock and for whatever reason you had to stop you will be able to revisit that session here by selecting ‘view / edit existing session’.

In the next step you can book the stock in which is PO related or note. The PO could have been created previously to order stock from the Layer. In our example we will select ‘Yes’.

If you received a delivery note with a specific reference number you can enter it here in the 'Delivery Note Reference'. Next you can specify Warehouse which you want the items deliver to.

This  option is beneficial in case you have already despatched the stock to your customer directly from the supplier however need a record of the stock coming in.

In this case you can chose the virtual warehouse (Please note the list of your existing Warehouses can be edited). Once you are happy with your specifications click ‘next step’.

Step 2 – Booking in the stock

 Now you will need to select if you are using a scanner or not.  By selecting ‘Barcode’ this will indicate to The Layer that you wish to use a scanner.  In our example we have selected ‘Manual’.

As I previously selected to book in stock which was associated with a Purchase order I can see on the left of my screen what stock is expected to be delivered.