How to complete a transfer of assets (Transfer of Ownership) on The Layer.

How to complete a transfer of assets (Transfer of Ownership) on The Layer. 

There a couple of options in which you will be able to complete this.  Firstly you will need to identify if you wish to transfer everything (e.g. quotes, opportunities, assets, tasks, etc.) from one account to another if so, you are able to merge the accounts together.  This option will allow you to cancel the existing account or alternatively you are able to move all the account information over and retain both accounts.  In order to complete this please follow the process detailed below.

How to merge two customer records

Alternatively, if you only wish to transfer over some assets from one company to another you are able to complete this by following these steps. 

Step 1 - Identify the assets you wish to transfer

Firstly you will need to create the additional account for your new customer (or check if there was one created already).  You will also need to have the work stack set up ‘All Assets’ if you don’t have this as a current work stack please contact your Layer administrator to arrange this for you.

In our example we have this set up within our presales tab.  To access this please click on the tab at the top or your screen as indicated below. 

Now select the work stack labelled ‘All Assets’ 

You will now be presented with a full list of all the assets, to identify a specific company assets you are able to use the filters under the customer column.

In our example we have chosen to filer by ‘Ends with’ 2 as we are going to move an asset from Training Company 2 to Amethyst Range.