How to create a knowledgebase article

This article will guide you through creating a knowledgebase article and optionally creating a public link for customers to view the content.


step one

Select the KB option to view all of the knowledgebase articles in The Layer.

step two

You will now be presented with a page similar to the below. From this page you will be able to search the articles, create new articles and view publicly available articles.

step three

You can search for an article by typing the search bar under the Knowledgebase heading.

step four

Or, you can filter the article type you are looking for from the ‘TAGS’ section. This section presents a view of all article that have been tagged with keywords. Simply click on the keyword you wish to filter by.

step five

To create a new article simply click on ‘NEW ARTICLE’ button to the left hand side.

step six

You will now be presented with a page like the below to type your article in.

Note: Type your article up in word before you trasnfer it to the layer to ensure that you don’t lose content from a timed out session.

Title – Enter a relevant description of the article content i.e. (e.g. how to factory reset iPhone 5)

Category – Select a case category that the knowledgebase relates to.

Copy – This is where you will post content and add images/ embed videos etc.

Select tag –Select tags/keywords that the article can be filtered by.  Choose as many as possible. 

If you’d like a new tag or don’t see the correct option email your company contact for The Layer who will be able to add this for you.

Access publicly – Tick this if you’d like to be able to send this article to customers and for them to be able to click on a web link in order to view it.  N.B. Ignore this stage to create an internal article only.

Publish Article – This will save the article in the knowledgebase section.

step seven

Using the editing tool bar for changing formatting, fonts, headings, colours & images

  • Bold text
  • Italic text
  • Underline text
  • Strikethrough text

  • Align text left
  • Centre text
  • Align text right
  • Justify text

  • Bullet point
  • Numbering
  • Increase indent

  • Add hyper link
  • Add image

  • Subscript
  • Superscript

  • Create a table
  • View/Paste html code – This is for creating a knowledgebase article with videos or html designed articles. See our article How to embed YouTube video (create hyperlink to this article).

  • Headings & paragraph structures

  • Available fonts

  • Font size

  • Text colour
  • Background colour

Use these features above when creating a knowledgebase article to customise the layout.

To complete your article you are able to select if you wish the article to be public or not, if you wish to have your article for internal purposes only DO NOT TICK THE BOX. 

By selecting the following box at the bottom right of your screen this will make your article public.

Author: Heather McCardle