How to Create Knowledge Base Tags

Why Do We Use Tags?

A tag on a knowledge base article is simply a search tool. 

When tags are applied to Knowledge Base articles they enable users to filter and search for relevant articles by using those keywords or search parameters. For example a Tag "Apple" will bring up those articles that have been tagged with "Apple".

You can have as many Tags per Knowledge Base article and the more you have the easier you make it for someone to search your Knowledge Base.

Please note that when you make an article public and send that link to a customer, when they click on the URL the branded knowledge base article that appears will contain all the tags you have created where there are public articles and therefore your customer can search for articles that you have made available for public access.

Each Tag also indicates how many articles are listed containing that Tag and therefore will not include any articles that we not marked for public access. 

N.B. You must be an administrator to create and add tags. 

How to Create a Tag

Once you have logged into the Layer, navigate to the Settings zone.

Next scroll down until you see the Service section and click on Tags.

On the left hand side of the screen click New Tag.


Now type whatever you want your tag to be called. This will be the word that describes the properties of the articles attached. Then press save.

A link to all tags should now appear on the left hand side of the screen click it and it will take you back to the list of all tags where your tag should now be displayed.  

How to Add a Tag to an Article

When you are create a new knowledge base (or editing an older article to add a tag) you can go to the section at the bottom that says select tags.

A drop down menu will appear containing all existing tags. Select which one is appropriate to the article. If you need to add more than one tag to an article click next to the previous one and the menu will appear again. Then click Publish Article. The tags applied now appear in the top left corner.

To check that your tag is working, go to the Knowledge base section of the Layer. You will see the tags on the left hand side click on the tag you wish to filter and the article(s) attached will be pulled up.


Author: Emily O'Connor