How to auto-assign a customer owner when a lead is converted to a customer

In this article we will demonstrate how to specify whether the Opportunity or Quotation owner is auto-assigned as the record owner when a lead is automatically converted to a customer record.

If this is not specified in the company settings the customer record will be left without an owner and can be updated directly in the record or when processing the sales order.

To set up auto-conversion of a lead to a customer visit the settings page.  Company Settings -> Company Tab:

Enable Auto Convert Lead to Customer by ticking the box below and saving your changes:

Set 'Auto Assign Owner on Lead conversion to Customer'

To specify who should become the customer owner after the lead conversion go to Settings -> Company Settings -> Quotations & Sales Tab

Depending on your company structure and internal processes you can select Opportunity Owner or Quotation Owner as an auto assigned owner.

Enable the Auto Assign of Owner and select Opportunity Owner


Quotation Owner

 This will ensure that your customer record has an owner after the conversion.

Don't forget there's a prompt to allocate a customer owner when processing your sales orders also.  Read our KBA to find out more. Or, simply manually change the owner in the customer record.

Finally, to grant multiple users access to a customer (or lead) record, use the delegate access function. Find out more in the following KBA.

Author: Michaela Gormanova