How to merge lead records together

Users with the correct permission level will be able to merge lead records within the Layer, if you require this permission please speak to your system administrator the correct permission is: 

Merge Records: Users in this group have the ability to merge records

To merge records follow these steps: 

1. From the ACTIONS button select MERGE LEAD RECORD
2. From the Merge Leads window that populates the following will need to be completed:  

  • Enter the name of the company you wish to merge with 
    • Tick the following actions as appropriate: 
      • Migrate Notes
      • Migrate Opportunities & Quotes
      • Migrate Tasks
      • Migrate Contacts   
      • Migrate Addresses
      • Migrate Files  
      • Migrate Expiring Contracts  
      • Delete Lead After Merge: This will delete the lead record and should only be ticked if appropriate

3. Once you have selected the appropriate actions press

Once this has been successfully merged the following message will be displayed:

Note: Core fields of the record which we are merging the data into will not be updated. E.g. Source, Status, Employees, Area. 

Author: Natasha Cox