How to resend undelivered mail

This knowledgebase article explains how to re-send undelivered emails through your Layer account.


Step one

Once you have logged into your Layer account, you will be presented with the dashboard. To the left hand side of the screen you will see a profile box which has your account details. Click on your username within the box.

Step two

Select ‘MY MAIL’ from the options above.

Step three

You’ll be presented with a list of all previous emails sent from your account. The available columns display:

Date – the date the email was originally attempted

Subject – the subject heading of the email – click here to see details of the email

Sender – You

Status – if it was successful or unsuccessful

Resend – click here to resend the email

Step four

If the email you have sent has failed or is still pending, you will note an ‘X’ in the box to the left of the date. To resend this you can either click 'RESEND' on the grid view


You can select the subject heading ‘Your appointment with My Telecom’to review the full email and to check that the email address is correct. If correct, select the ‘RESEND’ button to the left and your email will be processed again.

Please wait a few minutes for the system to update, if the email has been sent successfully, you will see a tick appear in the left hand column and in the status column it will read ‘SUCCESS’.

If the email fails again, please ensure that your email password is up to date or double check that the email address entered is valid.

Please note if there is an error within the email address you will have to edit the contact details for this company before trying to resend. You cannot edit the email address from this part of the app.

Author: Heather McCardle