Understanding Supplementary Products: Linked products and services in the quotation builder

We have made a change in the quotation builder and in the way that any supplementary products appear.

Instead of waiting for a new pop up widow to show with the supplementary products, you will now see a 'chain' icon next to the tariff which will indicate that there are supplementary products available: 

To choose one of the supplementary products simply expand the tariff, by clicking on the chevron icon: 

The Layer will then expand and display any linked/supplementary products, by scrolling to the right you will be to see tax rate, classification, SKU, OGR, if the tariff is variable and more:

You will also be able to filter each column in descending or ascending order, simply click on the column title and a little triangle will appear showing you the direction in which the filter is working.

Author: Michaela Gormanova