User Roles: Restricting the ability to bulk reassign delegated lead and customer records

Within user roles the role 'Disallow Bulk Operations' will prevent users from being able to carry out customer and lead record bulk operations such as bulk reassigning record if they are not the owner of the record.

In scenarios where a user has been granted delegated access only to a record, this role will prevent the user from being able to reassign the record to another user.

In the image below we can see that user Summer Stone is trying to bulk reassign a customer record that she has been granted access to by Mary Hill, however because the 'Disallow Bulk Operations' role has been enabled in Summer Stone's record she is unable to reassign this record to another user:

It should be noted that enabling this permission does not prevent a user from being able to bulk reassign their own records, in the image below we can see that Summer Stone can successfully reassign records whereby she is the true owner:

Author: Michaela Gormanova