Sales Order Leaderboard Widget - Understanding the breakdown

When processing a sales order within your company it is important that the connecter value in the data capture field is populated, this ensures the following:

  • That the connector can create work stacks based on their work to help manage their work load
    • Managers can also apply users as connectors to sales order to ensure work load is evenly distributed
  • That the connector is correctly displayed on the Sales Order Leaderboard breakdown
    • It is important to note that no profits are allocated to the SO connector within the leaderboard breakdown as this is for information only.  
  • Any changes between the quotation and sales order are attributed to the correct user

The Sales Order Connector is ultimately the user who connected the order with the network and processed the order within your company.

In this article we will demonstrate how to apply a connector to a sales order and also how to understand the Sales Order Leaderboard widget.

Applying a connector to a Sales Order

When processing a sales order it is important that a connector is applied to an order, to do this follow these simple steps:

1. Open your sales order e.g. ORD-2371-BT

2. From the Header Tab you will find Connector under Order Configuration

3. Once you have applied all the relevant information including Connector remember to press save on the bottom right of the screen to save your changes.

Now that a connector has been applied to an order their name will be displayed within the Sales Order Leaderboard Widget in the breakdown.

Understanding the Sales Order Leaderboard Breakdown Widget

Now that we understand how to apply a connector to our sales orders we need to understand how the connector is reflected in the Sales Order Leaderboard widget and we will now discuss this, however you must first apply the widget to your dashboard.

To apply the widget to your dashboard you need to select the "Leaderboard - Won Sales Orders" widget to your dashboard. Once applied your widget will look similar to the following:

Users will note that the following information is displayed:

  • Position: The leader on the sales board
  • Name: The user who has sold the most
  • Best Sale: The order reference that was the sales users best sale this month
  • Sales Order Reference: The best sales order reference
  • Quotation Reference: The quotation connected to the best sales order
  • Profit User: The profit generated per user in a month
  • Targetable Connections: The target that the user has been set for connections
  • Breakdown: Clicking this will show the breakdown of the order and the sales order connecter

1. Select the magnifying glass symbol under "Breakdown" this will display the breakdown information that we need to see who connected an order:

2. From the Breakdown we can see that for ORD-2545-BT user Barry Land was the user that connected/processed this order, so we can determine that Sales person Jenny Lind sold this order but that it was Barry Land who connected the order and the following

  • Connector: The user who processed/connected the order
  • Reference: The sales order reference
  • Accepted: The date the order was completed/accepted
  • Type: The type of order
  • Company: The company that the order belongs to
  • Sales Status: The status of the order e.g. completed
  • Profit(HB): The holdback profit of the order
  • Total Profit: A total profit for the sales user will also be displayed

TIP: If you have the quotation open at the same time you will be able to spot any differences in the profits of the quotation and the sales order, as occasionally and order will be changed from the quotation. You can click on Sales Order Reference and the Quotation reference within the widget and the Layer will redirect you as appropriate.

Creating a work stack based on Connector

To help users manage their work load work stacks can also be created based on who the connector is.

Managers can apply an ordering user as the connector within the sales order as demonstrated above and if the ordering user has an appropriate work stack created then it will filter through to their work stack.

Not all staff have permission to create work stacks a manager may have to create a work stack depending on the ordering users permission level.

To create a work stack per connecter the Connector must be selected from the Sales Order Template:

You can then fill in the other filters and parameters to create a suitable work stack.

The Connector value is also available as a filter within any Sales Order workstack:

Author: Natasha Cox