Understanding Records: What is the difference between lead and customer records?

In the Layer there will be two types or records that users are able to store information in, these are Lead and Customer records:

Both records are vital and will rely heavily on  renewal and expiry dates to either ensure they remain a customer or become a new customer.

Are there different types of leads and customers?

Yes, all lead and customer records will be in the same format for each type however the Lead Status and Customer Type will denote what type of lead or customer record they. These are: 

Lead Statuses: New, Contacted, Qualified and Disqualified

You will be able to determine which each of these statuses denote within your instance but we recommend the following:

Customer Types:

Where can I find Status and Type?

Regardless of what type of record you are within this information will be visible within each of the Home Tabs:

Lead Record:

Customer Record:

Can I report on the Statuses and Types?

Yes, these lead status or customer type will be visible in any lead or customer based reports and work stacks.

Author: Natasha Cox