Understanding Opportunities: Losing opportunities and capturing reasons for loss

Part of the sales management is not only to monitor winning deals, but also to monitor reasons for losing your potential deals.

Within the Layer there is an area where loss reasons can be created for the purpose of reporting on losses. 


Create your Reasons for Loss

Once the loss reasons have been decided you will now be able to create these in the Layer.

Update Reasons for Loss within the opportunity

Select at least one reason for losing the opportunity. If you don't know the customer reasons for not signing your offer enter suspected reasons as shown in the short video below.

  • Create future call: ensure that you create your future phone call to contact the customer and find out if they are happy with the deal
  • Create a new expiry: by creating a new non-managed expiry you ensure that the customer will be added to your expiry stacks and therefore you increase the possibility of wining this customer back again.

Create work-stacks for Lost opportunities

To monitor the reasons why your opportunities are lost simply create a stack for all lost opportunities, export the stack and run pivot table to find pattern.

You can also create stack for specific loss reasons by selecting one or multiple reasons in the opportunity browsing session.

Don't forget you can subscribe to opportunities.

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Author: Michaela Gormanova