Block a range of numbers on One Net

A 'How To' guide on how to block a range of numbers on One Net. Incoming and/or Outgoing

1. Go to and log in.

2. Click 'Management' on the main bar

3. Select 'Call Management' on the sidebar

4. Select 'View All' in the 'Call Screening' box.

Create Call Screening rules

In here you can now create call screening rules for individuals or an entire company. Incoming and Outgoing rules for ranges or specific numbers.

1. Create a call screening rule

2. Select 'Block' or 'Allow' depending on the type of rule you wish to create and select the users you wish this to apply to.

3. The next page gives you options to select incoming/outgoing, international, national and on net calls. It is here you can also create your own list of numbers to block/allow by selecting 'create list'.

NOTE: If you create a list here but require a range of numbers beginning with an area code, simply enter the start of the range. I.E. If you require blocking all calls to Ireland enter '00353'.

4. On the next page you can select times that these rules will apply and finish creating the rule.

Author: Anthony Baldwin