iOS to Android: Contacts

If your contacts are stored locally or you’re using an account other than iCloud or Gmail then one way to transfer your contacts to Android is through iTunes on your Windows or Mac computer.

  1. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer.
  2. Open iTunes and navigate to the device screen by clicking "iPhone" or "iPad" in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Open the Info tab and select the box next to “Sync Contacts with”.
  4. Choose "Google Contacts" from the drop-down menu and enter your Google account credentials when prompted.
  5. Wait for your iPhone or iPad to sync.

You can also use a SIM card or third-party apps to transfer your contacts if you’d prefer.

Google Account:

You’ll only need to sign in with your Google Account on your Android phone or tablet and all your contacts will be right there.


You can transfer your contacts from iCloud to Android as follows:

  1. Go to “Settings”, then “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”, then “Accounts” where you should see “iCloud” listed. Open iCloud and turn on the toggle for “Contacts” which will prompt you to “Merge” your device's contacts with iCloud.
  2. In a web browser on your desktop computer, go to, login with your Apple ID and click on "Contacts". In the lower-left corner, click on the wheel, “Select All”. Once selected, click the wheel again and choose "Export vCard".
  3. In a web browser, go to, click on the "Mail" button in the top left and select “Contacts”. You should see a list of your Gmail contacts.
  4. Now click the "More" button above the contacts list and select "Import". Select "Choose File" and select your saved vCard file. When importing is complete, Gmail will display the number of contacts imported.
  5. Finally, delete any duplicates by using the “Find & merge duplicates” function under the "More" button above the contacts list.

Author: Anthony Baldwin