CTI – The Art of Screen-Popping and Dialling from Database and CRM Contact Records

What is CTI? Computer Telephony Integration is the function of interacting with database and CRM contact records on the PC screen simultaneously with the phone call at the desk telephone.

Screen-Popping Using a standards-based protocol, usually TAPI, the telephone system delivers the inbound caller ID to the computer network and CRM / Database. This initiates the opening of the contact record on the user’s screen as the phone rings on the desk. The contact record “pops” on screen when the call arrives.

Staff have client details and information immediately available, for improved customer service and effecient phone call handling.

CLI Routing This is an advanced feature, where the database instructs the telephone system on where to send the calls. Changes in database fields therefore change the recipient of calls from customers, depending on thier client status.

Power-Dialling TAPI is a bi-directional code. You can make outbound phone calls from the CRM customer record. Predictive dialling takes this a stage further, automating telesales calls by dealling from the database and presenting them automatically to agents and telesales staff.

 CTI technology has been in use for many years. Most modern telephone systems support TAPI integration to some level, and therefore your CRM or database will integrate if it is TAPI compliant.

What you need:

  • A phone system that supports TAPI
  • A TAPI-compliant database / CRM
  • Software to complete the integration, installed on your CRM server and/or client PCs. Known as “Middleware”, this allows your database and the telephone system to complete the TAPI link.

No TAPI? If you don’t have TAPI compatibility, it may still be possible to integrate, however the costs will be higher due to the need for bespoke software development.

Author: Warren