What is a site survey

Once an order has been placed with Voice 2 Voice Ltd we will ask the selected carrier to undertake a series of planning activities in preparation for delivering your fibre leased line circuit.  The planning activity involves checking and verifying the carrier has capacity to deliver your fibre leased line circuit to their pop or telephone exchange, checking the route they have in to your building from their pop, as well as checking whether you have existing fibre already delivered in to your premises.

As part of this planning the carrier may need to complete a site survey of your premises, this is to ensure the information they hold on their records is correct, to check the route the fibre should be delivered in to your business comms room, and often they complete a check of all the ducting between the pop and your building to ensure they have enough capacity and no blockages exist.

Voice 2 Voice Ltd work closely with the planners and site survey engineers to ensure your fibre leased line order is provisioned on time and in budget.

Author: Warren