How to delete a signature from your won quotation

How to delete a signature from your won quotation

In this article we will take you through how to remove the signature from your won quotation this will only be possible where the quotation has an actual signature.

N.B. You will be unable to remove a manual signature from a quotation you will need to follow the article detailed below. 

How to delete a quotation and order (when the quotations has been manually signed)

This will be beneficial to use when a client wishes to make changes to their deal, by following these steps it will prevent the need to generate a new quote, you will be able to amend the existing quotation.

Step 1: Locate and select your quotation

There are a number of different methods of locating the quotation, in this example we will make the assumption that you are unaware of the clients reference number.  We will complete the search using the client’s business name.

For alternative methods to search for a quote please check this associated article:

How to cancel a previously won quotation based on a customer cancelling the order

Enter the companies name into the global search bar and select enter. 

You will then be presented with a list of all your clients with the name you have entered in this example we are using Ruby Red.

Once you have identified the client’s account you wish to open, simply click on the company name. 

Step 2:  Select your quotation

You will now see the client’s information in front of you, select quotes from the top bar as indicated below.

You will now see all the quotes which have been generated for this customer for this example we are going to look at Quotation number QUO-1479- BT.

Select the quote by clicking on the quote reference